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What’s So Special about Cemara Beach-Banyuwangi?

What’s So Special about Cemara Beach, Banyuwangi? Prepare Yourself to Be Amazed

Cemara Beach is actually a new “player” in the world of tourism in Banyuwangi. Nevertheless, the popularity keeps growing because this beach has unique attraction that makes it different from the other beaches located in Banyuwangi Region. For instance, you can find pine trees along the path to the beach which definitely are the icon of this beach and also the mangrove forest. But, that’s not all. There are still some other interesting things you can find once you step your feet on this beach. What are they?

A Glance of Cemara Beach

Located in Rowo Village, Banyuwangi, East Java, Cemara Beach has its name become more popular since 2015. In the past, the area of the beach was known as Rejo Beach and it was actually the home for many fishermen. The beach was used to dock the boats and at the same time, this place was also used to sell the fish caught by the fishermen. Then, as the time goes by, the potential of this beach is even more emphasized by the government of Banyuwangi. The condition is being treated more properly and the beach is cleaned thoroughly. It’s located only about 20 minutes from the downtown of Banyuwangi.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Yes, this beach has sea turtle conservation area. However, you shouldn’t expect that the conservation is big. To be honest, it’s rather small and simple. But, it’s still more than enough to let you experience how the sea turtle is being bred there. You can find some areas which are used to keep the eggs and the areas are well protected in order to keep the predators away. If you’re lucky and you come to this beach during the right moment, you can witness how the eggs are hatching and then you will see the “ritual” of releasing the baby turtles back to the sea. According to the people who are fortunate enough to experience it, it’s totally a touching scene and a memorable one.

Sea Turtle Cemara Beach
Sea Turtle Cemara Beach

Pine Trees

Like what has been stated before, the pine trees are the icon of this beach and they’re also the reason how the beach is named that way. Cemara can be translated into pine trees. And by pine trees here, we’re not actually talking about the regular pine trees like the ones usually used for Christmas trees. The pine trees here are special because they are the species which grow in shore ecosystem. You can see how the pine leaves are quite different from the regular pine trees. The pine trees in Cemara Beach were planted specifically to beautify the beach. And the result is so fantastic. When you’re entering the area of the beach, you will be accompanied by the pine trees along the pathway. It’s surely a romantic spot which will make you want to take your camera out and capture some photos there.

Mangrove Forest

The mangrove forest can be found before you enter the shoreline. Once you pay the ticket to get into the beach area, you will need to cross a small bridge. Under the bridge, there’s a river with brackish water and that’s where the mangrove forest grows. The scenery there is already dramatic enough and you might want to take some photos there.

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