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Telemung Village: The Central of Wild Civet Coffee and Many Other Awesome Things to Enjoy

Telemung Village: The Central of Wild Civet Coffee and Many Other Awesome Things to Enjoy

Who doesn’t know about luwak coffee or wild civet coffee? If you are keen on enjoying a cup of coffee at least once a day, such coffee name definitely rings a bell, right? This coffee is among the most expensive coffee products because of the taste. And do you know that in Indonesia, Banyuwangi is among the regions to export luwak coffee? Yes, that’s definitely a fact, and we will figure out how luwak coffee is being cultivated in Banyuwangi.

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What Will You Find in Telemung?

Many of you may know Banyuwangi for its famous beaches. Well, it’s really normal because Banyuwangi has many beautiful beaches. And its popularity has reached the ears of the tourists from abroad. But, this region doesn’t only offer you with fantastic beaches. Like what’s been mentioned before, Banyuwangi is also the home for luwak coffee cultivation. And when it comes to the production of luwak coffee in Banyuwangi, well, we need to talk about Telemung. Telemung is the name of the village which is known as the central for luwak coffee production. The whole village seems to be involved in such activity to the level of it’s also called as coffee village.

Going to Telemung Village will bring you to visit a resort with more than 500 hectares of coffee field. Here, you can experience how the coffee is being cultivated with your own hands. Yes, you will be guided to harvest the coffee and get through the whole process until luwak coffee is ready to be sold. You will be accompanied by the tour guide to let you experience it. But it’s not all. In addition to the coffee field, you can also find durian field even though the size isn’t as big as the coffee field. At the durian field area, you can harvest the durian right from the trees and then enjoy the fresh durian. Well, for the foreign tourists, may sound a little challenging because durian has such strong scent and taste. But, once you love it, you can get over it. As if those two attractions are not enough for you to enjoy in Telemung Village, you can also visit the area where etawa goats are bred. In this area, you can try to milk directly from the goats. And for your information, etawa goat milk is a quite good commodity and is believed to have great effects for the health when it’s consumed.

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Tips to Enjoy Telemung Village at Its Fullest

The first tip is to always carry the camera with you. The activities mentioned above surely demand you to capture the moments with the camera. Then, make it certain that you don’t litter. Even though you are exploring the area which is covered with field and you may think that it’s okay to throw your garbage anywhere since you think it won’t be seen, such act must not be done. Try to be a wise and good traveler by maintaining the tourist destination properly. Third, plan your trip properly so it will be easier for you to reach Telemung Village. And make sure you wear proper clothing. It’s a good thing if you avoid something too revealing. Last thing, in case you meet the wild civet during your exploration in Telemung Village, don’t ever disturb it. Taking some photos of it is okay but avoid using flashlight.

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