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Beaches in Banyuwangi-Close from the Downtown!

Easy-to-Reach Beaches in Banyuwangi! They Are Close from the Downtown!

Another thing that makes Banyuwangi special is the fact that there are some beautiful beaches located not too far away from the downtown. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble at all to get to those beaches and enjoy your moments there. Here, you will find 4 easy-to-reach beaches in Banyuwangi. Make sure you visit them all.

  1. Syariah Beach

Before we talk about Syariah Beach, we need to talk about the transformation of Santen Island. Well, for your information, Santen Island, where Syariah Beach is located, wasn’t really that popular. It’s all because the island is quite untreated and the condition isn’t really clean. But, not long ago, the government of Banyuwangi tried to make the island and the beach better by cleaning it up. And now, Syariah Beach, which is located in the northern shore of Santen Island, Banyuwangi, has become one of the most popular beaches in this region.

The concept of this beach is really unique because it’s the only beach designed for women only. That’s how the name of the beach comes from. Syariah can be defined as “according to Islamic ways of life”. Many Muslim women are quite troubled by the fact that they are barely able to enjoy the beach because they need to cover their bodies and according to Islamic syar’I, it’s forbidden for women to let some parts of their bodies to be seen by the other people especially the men. Because of that, the government of Banyuwangi created Syariah Beach for those women.

  1. Boom Beach

The fact that Boom Beach is located close from the downtown of Banyuwangi makes this beach quite well-known. It’s really easy to reach this beach. To be honest, this beach is actually a harbor which is still actively used. Many docks can be seen once you enter the area of the beach. In the southern part of the beach, you can find a graveyard for the national heroes called Wisma Raga Laut. The soldier who died during the war against the colonialization from Dutch were buried there. If you want to enjoy the scenery of the beach, you can simply just sit down under the parasols which are provided for free for the visitors.

  1. Solong Beach

Many people are often confused between Villa Solong and Solong Beach. Basically, they refer to the same thing. Such confusion happened because the beach is designed to look like a resort. Here, you can find several villas which have been completed with many facilities including pool, spa, restaurant, and even gym. However, please don’t think that the villas are like any other villas. The villas in the area of Solong Beach are designed in rather traditional and ethnical way. You can see the resemblance of traditional house of Osing ethnic. And when we are talking about the beach, well, the scenery is really awesome and clean. The beach emits romantic ambience which makes it perfect for couples

  1. Cemara Beach

Another easy-to-reach beach in Banyuwangi is Cemara Beach. From Banyuwangi, it only takes about 20 minutes to reach this beach. The entrance is actually a kind of alley located next to Santika Hotel. Along the way, you can find a path with pine trees on both sides. That’s how the name of the beach comes from. Pine trees can be translated into “cemara” in Bahasa. You will be asked to pay retribution to enter the beach. Don’t worry about it because the price is really cheap. It’s only about Rp 5.000. This beach is perfect for you who like to capture some photos while enjoying the scenery of the beach. There are tons of spots which are so good as the backgrounds of your photos. You can choose the beach, the pine trees, or even the mangrove forest.

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