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Experience the Beauty of a Little Piece of Heaven at Meru Betiri National Park!

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Experience the Beauty of a Little Piece of Heaven at Meru Betiri National Park!

It’s so easy to describe Meru Betiri National Park but at the same time, it’s not easy at all. “Spectacular” might just be the word to show this awesome tropical forest. Everything you expect to find from a tropical rainforest can be found here starting from the fabulous view to the various living creatures habiting the national park. Well, the slogan of Meru Betiri which says that it’s the “Home of Biodiversity” doesn’t sound too much after all.

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Meru Betiri: A Whole New World

Entering Meru Betiri National Park which is located in East Java between Jember and Banyuwangi Region will bring you to a whole new world. It’s like you’re going to experience a beauty which has never been touched before. The combination of mangrove ecosystem, swampy area, beach and lowland forest makes it one of the most impressive national parks in Java Island, if not in the whole Indonesia. With such diverse areas, it’s only natural for animals and plants to live in perfect co-exist environment. In total, there are 4 zones you can find in Meru Betiri which consist of forest area as much as more than 20,000 Ha, intensive utilization zone as big as more than 1,000 Ha, zone for rehabilitation (more than 4,000 Ha), and special utilization zone as big as about 2,000 Ha.

The contour of Meru Betiri is dominated by hilly topography which makes it perfect for those who are into adventurous traveling. And if it’s not enough, rubber plantation will accompany you throughout your trekking path completed with some challenging area full of steep hill.

Talking about the ecosystem especially the plantation, you’ll see many kinds of exotic plants including the rare Rafflesia Arnoldii flower. And of course, you’ll see tons of animal as well. Are you looking for something fantastic about the animals? Well, you should just check out Sukamade Beach (also the part of Meru Betiri National park) where you can find turtle conservation. Here, you can see how the turtles are breed and if you’re lucky, you can see how the little turtles hatch from the eggs. It’s going to be a really dramatic view you won’t ever be able to forget. In addition to the turtle conservation, Meru Betiri is also the place for the endangered Javanese Tiger.

Let’s Go to Meru Betiri!

If you’re a kind of traveler who’s interested in visiting Meru Betiri National Park but you’re not the adventurous type, there’s nothing to worry at all. 4-wheel-drive car is available to make it easier for you to enjoy the majestic national park. Hop into the car and taste the sensation of getting through the woods. And since Meru Betiri is rather remote, the purity of nature is really intense to the level of giving you goosebumps. Just make sure you are well prepared both physically and mentally. Even though you choose to ride the car, there are some points in the national park which make it impossible for the car to pass. All in all, making this national park as your traveling destination is highly recommended and beware that it’s going to be quite exhausting. But, let me assure you, all of those hardships are worth the spectacular view around you. Such experience is quite hard to be found anywhere else in this world. So, what are you hesitating? Plan your next trip to Meru Betiri National Park, the little piece of heaven, with us!

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