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What You Need to Carry and Prepare before Climbing Ijen Mountain in Banyuwangi to See the Blue Flame at Its Crater

What You Need to Carry and Prepare before Climbing Ijen Mountain in Banyuwangi to See the Blue Flame at Its Crater

Climbing Ijen Mountain and enjoy the scenery of its infamous blue flame is definitely the great experience you will have while having your traveling in Banyuwangi. Please don’t worry too much because the track is basically not really that hard. However, you will still need to deal with proper preparation for the sake of your own safety. The followings will let you know about some things you need to have and prepare before you really go up the mountain.


You may be wondering why you need masker when you’re going up the Ijen Mountain to reach the crater and witness the greatness of the blue flame. Won’t the masker hamper you from breathing properly? Isn’t breathing properly necessary to make it certain for you to get through the climbing in a lot much easier way? Well, all questions before are actually right but masker is still a necessity for the climber when it comes to the track of Ijen Mountain. The reason being is because the mountain is quite immense with sulfur. And you must have known how sulfur is really dangerous for you, right? That’s why you need to cover your mouth and nose with masker so you won’t get poisoned and you can deal with the climbing safely.


Please notice that you won’t be able to see the blue flame on the crater of Ijen Mountain which is located at its peak during the daylight. That’s why you need to cope with the climbing when the sun has set. To be honest, the best time for you to start the climbing is after the midnight because that’s when the blue flame is easily seen. And for such purpose, headlamp is definitely important so you can see the track before you. Even though the track is actually not that hard to get through but it will be so tough if you can’t see anything by considering how lamps are not installed along the track.

Trekking Shoes

Again, for the sake of your own safety, wearing trekking shoes is highly recommended. You may think that it’s not really that important because the track towards the crater of Ijen Mountain isn’t a really tough one. However, if you don’t wear proper gear like trekking shoes, be prepared to hurt yourself. The track may get slippery especially during rainy season. And there might be some obstacles in front of you. Trekking shoes are designed to handle those situations and will get you get to the crater in a lot much safer and easier way. Remember that you need to put your safety first or else, enjoying the blue flame is going to be so hard for you.


In case you have a kind of medical issue, bringing medicines is really important. To tell you the truth, even if you don’t have such issue, making sure that you have some medicines in your backpack is still suggested. You never know what will happen to you whenever you enter the wild nature. And yes, no matter how safe the track around Ijen Mountain, bad things can still happen to you. Bandages, ointment for wounds, and the other kinds of medicine are among the things you need to carry with you.

Physical Condition

No matter how “friendly” the track to climb a mountain, you still need to prepare your physical condition. And that rule applies to Ijen Mountain. The track in Ijen Mountain isn’t really that hard. Even the newbie climber can do it with barely breaking any sweat. However, you need to remember that the path will need you to deal with the climbing for about 1 hour and a half. Prepare your body properly to get through the climbing so you won’t hurt yourself. Before doing the trekking, try to do some exercises and make sure that you’re healthy.

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