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Scooter Rent

Not all banyuwangi tourist destinations can be visited by public transport. There are two options if public transport can not reach the destination, Which is Rent Car and Rent motor

If traveling with family, of course more comfortable to rent a car, but what if only alone or together? While the car rental price Of expensive if for a solo or couple

Rent Scooter, yes this is the best solution. No rush of time, direct bias inhale the aroma of nature, more agile and faster, certainly cheaper in terms of price

For All Traveler who want to vacation in Banyuwangi but Don’t Have Scooter, and looking for a cheap and safe motorcycle rental, then this is the place.

Terms and conditions of Motorcycle Rental Banyuwangi:

the requirement to rent a motorcycle is very easy, you just have to leave your original ID Card Or Paspor (Not a Copy)