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G-Land Banyuwangi Is Heaven for Surfers in Tropical Beach

G-Land Banyuwangi Is Heaven for Surfers in a Unique and Exotic Tropical Beach

Do you like to surf? If you do, you should at least have ever heard about Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi which is also known as G-Land. Many people who have ever been there even claim that this beach is one of the heavens for surfer. It’s all thanks to how the beach directly faces Indian Ocean. That’s why the characteristics of the wave are high and fast. Not to mention, the waves are usually shaped in lengthened way so when they roll, they can create nice wave tubes. Those things are what’s sought by surfing enthusiasts all around the world. You can’t say you’re a real surfer if you have not ever tasted the waves in the beach which is also the part of Alas Purwo National Park.

Heaven for Surfers!

If you’re still a newbie in surfing, perhaps, you may want to skip surfing in this beach by considering how the waves are rather for professional. But it doesn’t mean it’s completely impossible for you to give it a try. There are 3 levels of the waves which are differed based on the height. For the professional level, the height is about 6 – 8 meters. Medium level has 5 – 6 meters of height. And for the newbies, you can try it when the height of the waves is ranging from 3 – 4 meters.

Please notice that the best waves in G-Land usually happen during April or September. During those months, the winds are usually better than the other months. And best moment to surf comes within the duration of a whole week after full moon. The combination of great winds and full tide will give you such nice wave rolls which are more than enough to challenge you and rush your adrenaline. It will be such a great surfing experience.

Perfectly Natural and Clean Beach

Up to this point, we have only talked about surfing, surfing, and surfing in G-Land. Does it mean you can only surf while you’re here? Of course, not! This beach is also perfect for those who want to get lazy around and enjoy the panorama. G-Land Beach area is still very natural. Unlike the other well-known beaches for surfing where you can see tall buildings as the background, what you will see in G-Land is woods and forest. It’s all thanks to the fact that G-Land Beach is still the part of Alas Purwo National Park.

To get there, it can be quiet struggling because the location is quite remote. You won’t find proper road here but that’s what makes it special. The air is so fresh and everything around you is so pretty. The challenging route to get to G-Land Beach is already a nice attraction and it’s quite challenging especially if you are a kind of adventurer and you like to have some trekking.

Unique Fact: G-Land Beach Has Three Colors!

It’s quite surprising to know how the water in G-Land Beach has three colors. You can usually find it in Hawaii. Even it’s hard to find a beach with this kind of uniqueness in Bali. The combination of blue, green and white will boost the beauty of G-Land. With this kind of exotic view, will you still hesitate to plan your next travel to G-Land Beach?

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