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Alas Purwo National Park: One Park with Thousands of Charm

Alas Purwo National Park: One Park with Thousands of Charm

“Welcome to Alas Purwo National Park”, that’s more or less what you’ll find at the gate when you’re entering Alas Purwo National Park area. In addition to be one of the tourist destinations you can find in Banyuwangi, this national park is also used for research purpose as well as to deal with some cultural/religious matters (we’ll talk about this more later).

If you think it’s just another typical national park, you’re completely wrong. Alas Purwo has many great natural tourist attractions and each of them is so interesting and unique to visit. Not to mention, the situation inside Alas Purwo is so full of natural ambience. Wherever you see, you’ll find plantation and don’t forget the animals living there which are dominated by many types of mammals, kinds of fish, birds, and also reptilian.

Like what has been mentioned above, there are so many great spots you can visit once you enter Alas Purwo National Park. So, it’s not only about woods and forest but you can also find some exotic beaches there. Don’t you find it so exciting how you can see beaches beyond the woods? Below are the places you should visit once you are in Alas Purwo.

  1. Triangulasi Beach

To be honest, there are quite many beaches in Alas Purwo National Park but Triangulasi Beach can be said as one of the most popular. It’s because the beach is quite easy to reach. The vegetation around the beach is so nice and it improves the greatness of the scenery there. And don’t forget about how the beach is so clean which will make you want to spend some time there. It’s also possible to enjoy sunset at this beach. Just be careful of some monkeys that can be quite naughty to bother you.

  1. Luhur Giri Salaka Temple

Slight explanation about how Alas Purwo National Park is also used for cultural/religious matters has been stated before and Luhur Giri Salaka Temple is one of the places in this national park to be used for such purpose. This temple is used by the Hindu people to pray and at the same time, it’s also a historical heritage. A sacred ceremony is held here and it’s called Pager Wesi ceremony. It’s usually done every 210 days and it’s aimed to ask for some protection so destruction will not be done by the Gods upon the earth.

  1. Sadengan

Sadengan is like the conservative area in Alas Purwo National Park. There are so many animals to be found here, including wild bulls, deer, boars, many kinds of monkeys, snakes, eagles, and many more. The best time for you to visit this conservative area is between 06.00 – 09.00 a.m. or 03.00 – 05.00 p.m. During those times, it’s very likely for the animals to be more active since it’s their time to feed. And it’s highly recommended for you to bring binoculars so it’s easier for you to see those animals. 

  1. The Mystery of Alas Purwo

Despite the beauty of the nature as you can find in Alas Purwo (including its forest, caves, and beaches), it’s believed that this national park is also the house for metaphysics creatures. Well, it’s still questionable indeed but there have been so many witnesses. Most of those people claimed that they see something out of the ordinary. It’s like they saw creatures which they had never seen before. Some even experienced supernatural situations like being possessed and the likes. That’s why it’s better for you to behave nicely whenever you are in Alas Purwo just for precaution acts. Try not to speak swear words, don’t think negatively, and make sure you treat the nature around you meticulously

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