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5 Foods from Banyuwangi – Unique and Delicious

5 Foods from Banyuwangi – Unique and Delicious

Going to Banyuwangi doesn’t only mean you will experience such great traveling because this region has many awesome tourist attractions. You will also be able to taste delicious foods. Yes, Banyuwangi can serve you with various unique menus that will make your traveling even more perfect. Below, you can find 5 highly recommended unique and delicious foods from Banyuwangi.

  1. Rujak Soto

To tell you the truth, this menu actually consists of two different menu, “Rujak” and “Soto”. In case you’re not familiar with either of those menus, well, rujak is a kind of fruit salad served with spicy sauce made of palm sugar and chilies. And soto is a type of soup that has savory flavor. In it, you can find many kinds of vegetables like cabbage and bean sprout combined with chicken or meat. But, when those menus are fused together into Rujak Soto, you can find a really unique combination. Rujak soto will let you taste some slices of tofu, tempe, water spinach, bean sprout, and beef. This menu is usually served with lontong (a kind of rice cake).

Source: @kerigit

  1. Sego Tempong

Sego tempong is another menu usually sought by many tourists. In this menu, you can find the combination of salted fish, tofu, tempe, corn cake, and various vegetables. What makes this menu special is actually the sambal. Please beware if you’re not really that into spicy foods because the sambal which is served along with sego tempong is really hot. Despite the fact that it will burn your mouth, it tastes so good and it’s all thanks to the inclusion of ranti fruit in it. Well, if you love spicy foods, this menu is definitely a must for you to try whenever you go to Banyuwangi.

Source : @ames_68

  1. Sego Cawuk

Unlike sego tempong, like what we have talked about before, which has spicy and fresh taste, sego cawuk is rather sweet and savory. Such taste is the result of how pindang broth becomes the main ingredient for this menu. The broth is made by heating up some sugar until it’s caramelized and then it’s mixed with some water. The mixture is heated up again until it’s boiled. After that, many herbs are added and lastly, fish (which has been made in pindang) is added.

Source : @sayda.travelernesia

  1. Pecel Pithik

This menu is basically grilled chicken but the chicken has been marinated with various herbs. Therefore, the taste is really rich. Not to mention, the meat is so tender because normally, young chicken is chosen as the main ingredient for this menu. Then, the grilled chicken is served with coconut sambal along with many kinds of boiled vegetable.

Source : @sandraasilvera

  1. Nasi Lemang

This traditional menu is actually really simple. It’s made of rice which has been washed off properly and then various herbs are added. Then, coconut milk is added. After that, the mixture is wrapped inside banana leaves and then put inside bamboo stick. The bamboo stick is then put into flames to make the rice inside it cooked properly. This unique way of cooking will make the aroma of the herbs will be so intense and make the taste of the rice so delicious.

Source : detik

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